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This website is a research project. We encourage anyone who is learning about search engine technologies to explore the source code.

This is a private search engine.

We do not collect any data from searches.

This is a safe search engine.

Safe search is always on (No adult content EVER). Thus, this search engine is automatically family friendly.

We have unique results.

Our results are organized by indexing date and SEO.

Privacy Review

Some results have had their privacy practices reviewed. These sites have a "safe", "alert", or "unsafe" icon in their description.

These results are based on the number of trackers a website has at the time of indexing. 0-9 trackers on a website will normally be labled "safe" (unless there is a known privacy or security flaw). 10+ trackers on a website will normally result in an "alert". Some websites with major privacy or security flaws are marked "unsafe".

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